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Cash-flow Planning
Retirement Planning
Investment Planning
Asset & Liability Planning
Risk Planning
Tax Planning
Estate Planning
Financial Coaching
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During the course of Professional Financial Planning, we are able to provide the following services to our clients.

Financial Planning or Consultation services that can be provided:

Service Category General Service Scope
Administration & Intermediary Services General financial administration and implementation; Updates to Financial Plan and Portfolio; Compilation of tax info; Enhanced performance reporting;
Cash-flow Planning Budgeting; Emergency Fund Planning.
Retirement Planning Pre- and Post-retirement planning; Retirement Asset Preservation; Retirement Annuity, Pension and Provident fund creation; Annuity creation (living-, life- and combined-annuities).
Investment Planning Asset allocation, structure- and portfolio-planning pertaining to: Discretionary Savings; Tax-Free Savings; Pre- and Post-Retirement portfolios; Direct Offshore portfolios; Education savings; Ad hoc Savings Goals; Direct Securities; ETF portfolios; Endowment Policies; Currency and Forex transactions; Bespoke investments; Equity Structured Products.
Asset & Liability Planning Setup of debt paydown strategies; Property Investment Evaluation; Income and Expense matching.
Risk Planning Long term insurance requirements such as: Life Insurance; Disability Cover; Income Protection; Critical Illness Cover. 
Tax Planning Tax planning and structuring; Tax Efficient Investing.
Estate Planning Wills; Simple Estate Planning; Trust considerations.
Financial Coaching General financial consulting and discussion; Assistance with life altering events that have a financial impact on clients.
Research & Development Product-, investment-, structure- and provider due-diligence investigations and analysis; Researching and developing investment- and asset-allocation strategies.

Ongoing planning, advisory, administrative and intermediary services that can be provided:


Service Category General Service Scope

Ongoing Administration & Intermediary Services

Administrative maintenance, Instruction tracking, FAIS and FICA compliance, Consolidation of Tax information, Portfolio reporting, Valuation statements, Demographic changes, Error corrections, Forex services, Record maintenance, Quoting, Comparisons, Provision of factual information, etc.


Ongoing Financial Planning/Advisory Services

These services are related to all the underlying financial planning and advice components listed in the table above and generally they include: the Maintenance and amendments to your Financial plan, Portfolio/investment re-balancing, Income revisions for retirees, Review meetings, Progress reporting, Additional financial planning/advice needs, Analysis and projections, Investment/product/structure research, Tax planning and structuring, Maintaining budgets and cash-flow plans, Discussion of tax implications, Property investment evaluation, Debt to asset analysis, Maintaining of Wills, Estate illustrations, Bias management, Behavioural finance considerations, Support with life altering events that have a financial impact, Due-diligence investigations, Strategy amendments, etc.

Not all clients will use all of our services and, at the request of the client, our services may be rendered in a limited scope.