How are our fees different?

We earn our remuneration and fees in various ways; the principal arrangements are as follows:

Clients who predominantly seek ongoing financial planning/advice, administration and intermediary services are charged an annual percentage fee dependent on the assets under our ongoing planning purview. The percentage fee is determined via a sliding scale dependent on the client’s investment- and asset-portfolio size and according to the client’s required service level agreement.

Professional Financial Planning fees can be determined on a “time spent” basis and relate to the agreed-upon services rendered to clients whether on a once-off or consultation basis. This is colloquially referred to as a “fee-for-service” structure. Our latest hourly rates and fees can be provided on request.

Although it is not our intention to market or provide clients with commission- or rebate-paying products, in some cases this cannot be avoided because of the needs of the client. Long term insurance product providers may pay commissions to our company should their products be provided to a client. Some product providers may also provide a rebate in the form of a referral/advice fee. In these cases, the fees are communicated to the client and fully disclosed.

All fees and/or commissions due to FinPlanCo are disclosed to the client.