Our core beliefs

At FinPlanCo we believe that it is our list of core principles that sets us apart from our financial planning counterparts. Ideally our clients should share these beliefs seeing that we make use of these fundamental values to deliver a superior client service and experience. These include:


We believe every individual should have an appropriate financial plan. One size does not fit all and we strive to ensure that every plan we create is appropriate for the particular client. That said, we realise that every client needs a financial plan that covers several basic planning concepts and structures, these serve as the core of our service offering. We also strongly believe in evaluating financial planning outcomes by using the appropriate measurements (e.g. investment term or benchmarks) to avoid compromised decision making. We incorporate risk-, diversification-, and cost-management strategies into our financial planning when considering suitability on an individual basis.


We believe in diligence when evaluating and monitoring a client’s financial position and making recommendations. Practicing in a diligent, pro-active manner allows us to consider the possible outcomes for clients by basing our advice on the relevant information, gathered prudently in a confidential manner.

Diversity in skillsets

We believe that a team approach to financial planning translates to a comprehensive plan. As a team we have complementary skill sets and competencies such as investment structuring, tax planning, offshore knowledge, long term insurance setup, etc.


Independence is one of the single most important beliefs we hold true to. Independence is not measured by the number of products or structures available to a planner, but rather by how prudently a planner considers, and then uses, what’s available to them. Objective advice is the key to being truly independent and not having to rely on product providers to generate fees. A diverse product and structure universe are also key to building appropriate plans for clients. This means a focus on a broad base of viable “arrows in our quiver”.

Logical, Rational and Clear

We believe in the use of rational planning thought processes and-procedures, that are built on a series of logical assumptions to provide advice to our clients. Emotional bias and -interference lead to compromised decision making. When providing clients with advice we strive to deliver it in a clear and uncomplicated way.

Long term

We use planning processes and procedures that have stood the test of time. While we prefer to make use of investment theory that has been built methodically over decades, we are aware and willing to use modern and forward-thinking methods and strategy. Reliance on short term historical outcomes or events compromises the decision-making process.


We conduct ourselves professionally and work towards building a better financial planning profession. We endeavour to act ethically with honesty and integrity, when dealing with our clients and considering the responsibility that we are tasked with. Treating customers fairly and continuous professional development will inspire trust and keep us up to date with latest practise.


Building on the previous point, we also believe in continuous professional development (CPD) and the evaluation of new methods and practices for their appropriateness. Evaluating new products and financial planning methodologies, allows us to remain on the forefront of the financial planning profession and its development. The FinPlanCo planning team strives to keep abreast of legislative and industry developments by way of CPD hours well beyond the minimum requirement.

Research driven

We have documented, detailed evaluation and screening processes to identify the most viable strategies, investments, products, plans and structures. These processes include investment selection methodologies and due diligence evaluations. Our recommendations are based on methodical first-hand evaluations of the investable financial universe.

The Golden Rule

Do unto others as you would like to have done unto yourself. We believe in testing and co-investing into the investment ideas, structures and strategies that we suggest to clients as far as possible. We use the same financial planning process for our own families, and we use the golden rule when creating financial plans for clients.


We firmly believe in a “best practice” approach to financial planning. Unbiased advice allows us to represent the best interests of the client. This is a critical value in our business structure. We advocate for, and represent, our client’s best interests when dealing with any participants in the financial industry; be they representative bodies, product providers or industry representatives.