What makes FinPlanCo different?

At FinPlanCo we’re passionate about providing professional financial -planning, -advice and -consulting services to private individuals, corporate entities and trusts. We aim to provide our clients with the epitome of what the industry is capable of. The fact is that most clients don’t know that a professional side of the industry even exists. In our opinion independent, unbiased financial advice, backed by competence and ethical practices, is the only service that can unequivocally be considered financial planning/advice in the truest sense of the term.

The benefit of being Independent Financial Planners is that we don’t need to have terms of business in place with a particular asset manager, product provider, life insurer or platform. If it falls within the scope of our FSP licence categories, we can place and advise clients on a bevy of financial solutions.

We are client centric in that we consider what the client truly needs before providing a plan or recommendation to meet the needs of the client. We avoid integrating clients into a closed, vertically integrated structure by rather providing them with the freedom that comes from independent thinking, research and planning.

We recommend products, structures and strategies only after they have been thoroughly researched, tested and undergone a due diligence process, which is continual.

Our team strives to strongly represent the best interests of our clients when providing them with a financial-advice and -planning service. We act as a client advocate when interacting with the industry participants and providers. The client should always come first, and the decisions of our representatives should always reflect this core value. Compliance and Treating Customers Fairly (“TCF”) is therefore core to our business beliefs. We think that adherence to the law and treating customers fairly will create trust; creating and maintaining this trust is integral to our long-term success. We hope to change the perception of the financial -advice and -planning industry at large, helping to create a professional perception of financial planning.

Everyone can benefit from a financial plan and some insight into their finances. FinPlanCo can provide you with a personal financial planner who is involved in your financial life and understands your objectives and aspirations clearly. We hope to thereby make a significant positive difference towards the attaining of your financial aspirations while applying a sound financial planning process to your requirements.